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Computers Synthesizers and Samplers
Apple and PC computers Apple iPad 2 with Animoog and other audio apps
Terabytes of external hard drive storage Arturia Origin 1.1
Access Virus B synthesizer
Access Virus C synthesizer
Field Recorder Akai Z8 Sampler x 2
Sound Devices 702T
Olympus LS-10
Analogue Systems Integrator modular synth
Blacet Modular synthesizer
Dynamics Clavia Nord 2X synthesizer
Alesis 3630 Compressor x 2 Doepfer A100 Modular
Bellari LA120 Tube Compressor Emu/Paia Modular Synthesizer
DBX 166 Compressor Ensoniq TS 10
DBX 166X Compressor x 4 Jomox Sunsyn synthesizer
DBX 266 Compressor Limiter x 4 Korg Wavestation EX
Kurzweil K2600 synthesizer
Effects MacBeth Studio Systems M3X x 2
Alesis Quadraverb Modcan/Cyndustries Analog Modular Synthesizer
DeltaLab ADM 1024 Digital Delay x 3 Minimoog Model D
Lexicon MPX100 Digital Effects Processor Moog Minitaur
Lexicon MPX500 Digital Effects Processor x 2 Moog Minimoog Voyager
Line 6 Bass Pod Moog Minimoog Voyager 50th Anniversary Edition
Line 6 Delay Modeler Moog Little Phatty
Line 6 Echo Pro Moog CP 251 Control Voltage Processor x 2
Line 6 Modulation Pro Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin
Line 6 Modulation Modeler Moog VX 351 CV Expander x 2
Line 6 Pod
Line 6 Pod XT Oakley/Paia Modular synth
Moog 12 Stage Phaser Pittsburgh Modular Synth
Moog Murf
Moog Cluster Flux
Roland VG8EX
Serge 6 panel modular synthesizer
Powertran Digital Delay Studio Electronics Midimini
Powertran ETI vocoder Studio Electronics Obie Rack
Yamaha AG Stomp Guitar Effects
Vermona PH16 phaser
Studio Electronics Omega 8 with Arp Filters
TomOberheim.com SEM x 3
Waldorf Miniworks Filter Waldorf Micro Q synthesizer
Waldorf X-Pole Analog Filter Waldorf Microwave I x 2 (with Access programmer)
Ensoniq DP4 x 2 Waldorf Q+ synthesizer
Waldorf Wave 32 voice Shadow Edition
Microphones, Preamps & DI Yamaha TX 802 synthesizer
Bellari Stereo Tube Direct Box Yamaha VL-1 Synthesizer
Bellari Tube Microphone Preamp Yamaha SY99 Synthesizer
Groove Tubes A11 Microphone x 2
Neumann RSM191 Stereo Microphone
Rycote Shockmount 416 MIDI Interfaces & Controllers
Rycote Windjammer RSM 190 Encore Expressionist Midi to CV interface
Rycote Windscreen RSM-190 Kenton Pro 2000 Midi to CV interface x 3
Kenton Pro4 Midi to CV converter x 3
Kenton Pro Solo MkII
Roland MPU101 MIDI to CV converter
Mixers Midiman 4x4 Midi interface x 3
Mackie 32 Ch. 8 bus mixer with 24 channel
Midiman 8x8 Midi interface
    MOTU Fastlane Midi interface x 3
Mackie 1202 VLZ 12 channel Mixer x 2 MOTU Midi Express XT Interface x 9
Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro 12 channel Mixer MOTU Midi Time Piece
Mackie 1604 Mixer MOTU Midi Time Piece II
Mackie 1604 VLZ mixer x 2 M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
Peavey Line Mixer M-Audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard
External Tape & Monitors Audio Interfaces
Panasonic SV 3700 Dat machine M-Audio Delta 1010 Audio Interface x 2
Tascam DA60 Recorder MOTU 1224 Audio Interface
Tascam DA-88 8 Ch. Digital Recorder MOTU 2408 Mk2 Audio Interface x 2
Mackie 824 Studio Monitor (pair) MOTU 24i Audio Interface
KRK S12 Subwoofer MOTU 828 Firewire Audio Interface x 2
Other Instruments Software
Chapman Stick with Roland pickups Digital Performer 7.24
Fender Jazz Bass 5 String Logic Studio 9.1
Fender Lone Star Stratocaster Melodyne
Fender Toronado Guitar Gigastudio
Martin DX-1 Acoustic Guitar
Spector Electric Bass
Plug-ins include Arturia V-Collection, Native Instruments
Komplete, MOTU, Bias, Steinberg, Waldorf
Large collection of instruments from around
the world
Steinway 1917 Model M Grand Piano Sample library too extensive to list

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